Which statistical test should you use?

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Which statistical test should you use?

A guide to choosing an appropriate statistical test according to your question and the data you have.




We have written this guide to help you through the choice of an appropriate statistical test according to your question and the data you have. The guide proposes a formulation the null hypothesis as well as an example in each situation. Conditions of validity of parametric tests are listed in the paragraph following the grid. When available, nonparametric equivalents are proposed. In some situations, parametric tests do not exist and so only nonparametric solutions are proposed. The displayed tests are the most commonly used tests in statistics. They are all available in XLSTAT. Please notice that the list is not exhaustive, and that many other situations / tests exist.

Table of contents

  • Compare locations
  • Compare series of binary data
  • Compare variances
  • Compare proportions
  • Association tests
  • Time series tests
  • Tests on distributions
  • Tests for outliers

Writer profil

Jean-Paul Maalouf

Senior statistics consultant

Jean-Paul Maalouf is a senior statistics consultant who joined the Addinsoft team in 2014. He holds a PhD in biology and has extensive experience in teaching statistics, which he has been doing intensively since 2012. He has taught at the largest French research institutions (INRA, CNRS, INSERM, CIRAD, several universities), as well as at private companies around the world. His teaching methods are based on a conceptual approach and are more focused on concrete examples than on the explanation of complex mathematical formulas. The concepts are thus easily grasped by people who do not necessarily have a background in mathematics but wish to become quickly operational in the field of data analysis.

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