Choosing an appropriate method validation tool

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Choosing an appropriate method validation tool

Deming and Passing-Bablock regression - Bland-Altman analysis - Youden Plots




This guide describes method validation tools and will help you figure out which method best fits your needs.

Table of contents

  • What is method comparison?
  • Bland-Altman analysis: assessing constant error and Limits of Agreement
  • Deming and Passing-Bablok regressions: quantifying constant and proportional biases
  • Deming or Passing-Bablok?
  • Repeatability, Reproducibility and Youden plots

Writer profil

Jean-Paul Maalouf

Senior statistics consultant

Jean-Paul Maalouf is a senior statistics consultant who joined the Addinsoft team in 2014. He holds a PhD in biology and has extensive experience in teaching statistics, which he has been doing intensively since 2012. He has taught at the largest French research institutions (INRA, CNRS, INSERM, CIRAD, several universities), as well as at private companies around the world. His teaching methods are based on a conceptual approach and are more focused on concrete examples than on the explanation of complex mathematical formulas. The concepts are thus easily grasped by people who do not necessarily have a background in mathematics but wish to become quickly operational in the field of data analysis.

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